"The oldest athlete"


I do a lot of running. When I looked into a mirror, I saw strong legs and a
flabby upper body. I decided to look for a gym that could build my upper
body. Garrick, the owner of Crossfit Provoke, was the only fitness gym
that truly wanted to help me. So, 6 years later I am still working out with
Crossfit Provoke. I like this Box because it is small enough so that
everyone knows each other and big enough to have all of the necessary
equipment. Garrick also organizes a lot of side activities for the members
such as hiking, mountain biking, running, fishing, work out on the beach,
Ragnar, Box Crawl and the list goes on. I look forward to working out at
the Box because of the friendly people with a great instructor. By the
way, I am 74 years old

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